Vivo Y73 Round Face Smartphone With 8GB Ram and Quad Camera Setup


Vivo has just announced the new Vivo Y73, an affordable high-end smartphone in India right now. The Vivo Y73 is definitely one of the most interesting phones in this price range. The Vivo Y73 features a unique dual camera setup. This allows the device to take both still shots and videos. This is an advanced function for this smartphone, and it is quite impressive. In this review we take a closer look at the specs and features of this amazing phone. vivo y73

The body of the Vivo Y73 has a curved, metallic finish. The sides of this phone are shiny aluminum, while the backside is pure unadorned glass. To make for a nice looking phone, the company has used a powerful yet smooth liquid crystal display (LCD). The vivid colors on the screen of the vivo y 73 are very sharp, and add to the phone’s funtouch theme.

Apart from the dual camera on the rear of the Y 73, the phone also comes with a heart rate monitor, a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, a magnetic barcode scanner, a Finger print Scanner, and a super night mode. The Vivo Y73 also has an internal memory of 2GB, which can expandable to 4GB. There is no word about whether the phone will come with international languages, but it comes preinstalled with Vietnamese, English, and French.

The software inside the Vivo Y73 packs a lot of power in a tiny little package. With a quad-core Mediatek Helio G95 processor, and a generous amount of RAM inside, the Yace is one seriously sweet deal. Users can expect a full Windows operating system, along with all the standard features present on high end smartphones like Google Maps, Google Talk, and Gmail. Users can also expect a wealth of customizable settings, including music play, WiFi, screen color, and language default. In addition, the phone also comes equipped with a generous amount of memory, allowing users to download tons of apps.

If you have always wanted to snap photos in high resolution, the Vivo Yoice has what you need. With a pair of cameras located on either side of the dual camera setup, the Yoice can take pictures at up to six megapixels. In comparison to many mid-budget smartphones, the two cameras on the Yota feature a higher resolution. This ensures that the photos you shoot will be crystal clear. To top it off, users can expect Android 4.3 to be installed on the vivo y 73.

Like other premium smartphones from Samsung, the Vivo Yoice packs a powerful chipset inside. It comes loaded with the latest version of Samsung’s own apps, like Samsung Finance, and Samsung ZenUI. With a curved screen and a spacious home button, the phone looks very nice and complete. Users who want to make the most out of their smartphones will appreciate this device, which has everything they could possibly want in a smartphone.

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