The Unbeatable Android Smartphone – The OnePlus Nord CE


The new buzz in the smartphone market today is the Oxygen Plus or OnePlus Nord CE. This phone is made by one of the top manufacturers of smartphones in the world, Oppos, and its main selling point is its unique material design. An all metal body, it is light, but extremely powerful. This phone is the perfect device for anyone who wants to have the best of modern technology at their fingertips, as it can be used while traveling and even at home. Let us take a closer look at the product, including some important features that you should look for if you want to buy the OnePlus Nord CE.

One of the best selling points of this phone is its material design, which is something that no other smartphone can match. It is made out of a solid piece of glass and has a full metal back plate, meaning that there are no plastic parts to wear off over time. This makes it extremely durable as it can last for a number of years before you will have to replace it. You will also enjoy a full QWERTY keyboard with this unit, along with Android operating system preinstalled on it.

The dual-core processor of this phone has been designed to run on the Android operating system, so you will not find any problems when it comes to navigating through the interface, and you will feel right at home using it. The iPhone users will be happy to know that the OnePlus Nord CE comes with a very similar layout, with the same amount of screen space being available on the smaller screen compared to its taller brother. The phone also comes with a rather large internal memory, which can support the booting of several apps at one time. The large memory is sufficient for most common apps, including the likes of Facebook and eCommerce stores, as well as plenty of games for browsing and gaming. OnePlus Nord CE

The display of the iPhone has always been a cause of irritation to many iPhone users, because it tends to get dim, unsightly, and tough to use in bright sunlight. However, the iPhone of the OnePlus Nord CE offers a clearer display with an incredible resolution of 401 pixels per inch, which is much higher than the iPhone’s existing display. The result is an amazing contrast, which is noticeable while browsing images in dark rooms. The phone also runs extremely fast, and has no lag whatsoever when it comes to switching between applications. It has an impressive battery life, which lasts all day long on a single charge. To add to all these features, the OnePlus Nord CE comes with an exclusive charging port, which allows users to charge their phone wirelessly using their car cigarette lighter!

In terms of price, the phone costs slightly more than its competitor, the iPhone 4S. However, it manages to make up that deficit by having superior battery life, superior camera performance, and a clearer display, along with other great features such as a built-in GPS chip and the Android operating system. It has all the standard features that come with a smartphone, and the price point is quite affordable considering the advanced specs and the unique features it offers. If you are planning on purchasing a smartphone of any kind, you should definitely consider the OnePlus Nord CE.

One of the unique selling points of the phone is the fact that it supports Android 4.3 Kit Kat, which means that you can expect the same user experience as you would have from an iPhone. The camera is also superior, coming with a larger lens, an f/2.0 aperture, optical zoom, and a laser focus on both the front and back cameras. With all these features and a beautiful price point, the OnePlus Nord CE makes an excellent choice for anyone interested in smartphones with cutting-edge performance and high-end functions.

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