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Today many of us virtually live out of our car. We spend hours driving to and from work, taking children to and from activities, traveling, and running everyday errands. It’s no wonder we use our cars as places to express our views and accomplishments. Bumper stickers are widely used by all kinds of people to celebrate their children’s sports, acknowledge they’ve run a marathon, or simply remember a special place they’ve been.

It is now common place to see bumper stickers on cars belonging to people of all ages. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, sayings, and for any number of uses. Stickers can be captivating ways to make any kind of statement, religious, political, business, or personal. Stickers can also be easily personalized for any imaginable use.

Bumper stickers are generally made with vinyl or heavy sticker paper for durability and can have a gloss or matte finish. The uses for stickers are limited only by our imaginations. A few uses are included below.

Labels of Ownership

An obvious use of stickers, and one that has been around for years, is to place them on things you own to provide contact information if lost. Having a small bumper sticker printed with your contact information makes it an excellent tool for placing on expensive equipment and other tools to indicate ownership. Small paper stickers can also be placed on books, CDs, and DVDs that you may loan to another person.

Personalize Possessions

Similar to labels of ownership, people use bumper stickers to personalize all kinds of possessions: laptops, computers, lunchboxes, helmets, skateboards, equipment, bikes, and of course, bumpers of cars and trucks. This personalization is to express the person within as opposed to providing ownership information. Bumper stickers can be found with almost any saying or symbol making it a perfect and economical way to express yourself. In addition, if you can’t find a sticker for your needs, you can have one customized and printed.

Promote Family custom keychains

Bumper stickers celebrating your favorite sports teams have been around for years. However, it’s also common to see sports symbols like a tennis ball or racket, football, baseball field, or other symbol with a child’s name inside indicating that child is on a special team. A fairly new phenomenon is putting stickers on the back window of a vehicle which represent each family member, including pets. These are usually shaped like people or animals.

Promote Ideals

Perhaps your pet project is promoting going green, using organic, recycling, or saving the environment in general. There are bumper stickers for all these ideals, plus every other ideal imaginable, whether religious, political, domestic, foreign, or completely unique. You can promote informational websites about your ideal or just your favorite sport, team, band, politician, activity, or school.

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