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Vivo X60 is formally announced on February 21, 2020. The phone comes at a size of 158.2 x 72.5 x 9.5 mm and weights 192.5 grams. It supports Dual SIM (NAO, sim card) and the screen resolution of the phone is 1080 x 2300 pixels. The Vivo X60 also supports a high definition camera with optical zoom, has a handwriting recognition system, has an internal memory of 6GB which could be expanded with additional gigabytes through a micro SD card. vivo x60

The phone comes with a built-in self-healing mechanism called the Smart Recovery System which is similar to the Android Nougat. This self-healing mechanism also helps in protecting the device from damage when it is dropped or hit on things. There are also some unique features of the Vivo X60 series that make it different from other mobiles. The Vivo X60 series has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera and comes with a shockproof body, a scratch resistant screen, a fast charging system, expandable memory with micro SD and a huge battery that lasts all day.

In this article let us discuss the camera performance of the Vivo X60. The camera of the phone is of a very high quality. The pictures taken with the camera of the Vivo X60 are rich in colors. There is a very good clarity and color rendition. There are no soft pixels found in the camera of this android smartphone which further increases the clarity of the images taken.

The camera of the Vivo X60 runs on the Android OS 5.1. The camera module of this handset also comes with an innovative dual rear camera module. This two camera module can be used for both video recording and image capturing. The image stabilization features of this camera also makes it perfect for those people who want to take videos and images with a lot of movement.

The Vivo X60 smartphone has got a unique features like a funtouch interface. It has a funtouch keyboard which looks pretty neat and trendy. The keyboard of this phone can be operated easily using a stylus or a finger. There is also a fast charging feature of the Vivo X60 which makes it perfect for people who want to enjoy the convenience of a fast charging while they are on the go. The battery life of this smartphone lasts for about 10 hours. The software of this android smartphone has been designed in such a way so that it supports most of the popular social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and YouTube.

This smartphone has got an advanced heart rate monitor which helps in keeping track of your pulse rate. There is also a built-in barcode scanner and a camera which can be used to take the highest quality pictures. The Vivo X60 has been loaded with high definition music player which makes it the ultimate entertainment gadget for the office as well as for the personal use. The phone also features a built-in virtual keyboard, which makes it much easier to perform simple tasks like messaging. With all these amazing features and various advanced functionalities, the Vivo X60 is a wonderful gadget which will leave you wonderstruck for a long time.

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